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    Optimal maternity care should follow the principle of “effective care with least harm. Low neonatal and maternal mortality rate indicate quality of maternal care service. Maternal care service of the Teaching Hospital Peradeniya provide high quality care for each and every pregnancy. Annual average deliveries in the hospital is about 7700 and institutional maternal mortalityRead More

    Laboratories produce test results that are widely used in healthcare setting, and health outcomes depend on the accuracy of these reports.  Inaccurate results leads to adverse consequences like unnecessary treatment, treatment complications, etc. These consequences result in increased cost in time and personnel effort, and often in poor patient outcomes. Laboratory of TH Peradeniya wasRead More

    Community Health Program of Teaching Hospital Peradeniya is launched with the intension of extending the hospital services to the surrounding community and to promote the concept of the family physician. People are privilege to have access to 24 hour OPD service (routine OPD service time 8 am to 8 pm), 24 x 7 surgical casualtyRead More

    Continuing medical education (CME) helps medical professionals to learn about new developments in the field and maintain competency. CME is essential to upgrade the standards of medical profession. Recent advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the way people live, work, communicate and learn. It has various tools like computer, internet and mobileRead More

    TH Peradeniya located in the Central province which has population from diverse ethnic and cultural back ground. TH Peradeniya was selected as a model site in the health sector to implement the Official Language Policy (OLP) of the Government of Sri Lanka. Other Hospitals of this project include Teaching Hospital Mahamodara and the GH Trincomalee.Read More

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