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    preliminary care


    Preliminary Care Unit (PCU) is so named because patients are first admitted to and receive first medical care.

    PCU at Teaching Hospital Peradeniya provides services to all adults above 14 years of age with a medical or surgical illness or injury. Patients with Gynaecological and Obstetric problem and children less than 14 years of age will be admitted to the relevant unit without admitting to the PCU.

    The clinical management team consists of the consultant physician (OPD), all unit consultants on call, on call registrars of relevant units and PCU staff (medical officers, nurses and minor employees).

    PCU is equipped with all major monitoring emergency care equipments and is ready to handle any emergency 24 hours a day. Our emergency management teams have the expertise to deliver the required services for most emergency cases.

    Patient management and treatment is supported by a wide range of diagnostics including ECGs, Ultrasounds, X-rays and Laboratory tests.

    Administrative work is carried out by the medical officer in charge of the OPD with the guidance by the Director of the hospital and the monitoring committee of the PCU.

    All the patients admitted to the PCU will be assessed by the medical officers at PCU. We use triage – a way of classifying patients in order of seriousness. Priority will be given for emergencies. The majority of patients will be discharged from the PCU after initial treatment and observation. Patients who need long term treatment will be referred to a relevant specialized clinic.

    If a patient needs immediate specialized treatment, the relevant unit on call team will assess and treat the patient. Patients with a medical illness who need admission will be admitted to the medical ward and patients with a surgical problem who need further interventions will be transferred to the General Hospital Kandy other than on Sundays, after the patient is stabilized by the surgical unit.

    Our Services

    • Initial treatment and stabilization of acute illnesses and injuries that require immediate attention.
    • Resuscitation of all medical and surgical emergencies before admission to the relevant unit.
    • Carrying out minor surgical procedures such as suturing of cut injuries, chest drainage tube insertion, and urinary catheterization, etc.
    • Administration of anti rabies serum for animal bites.
    • Treatment and observation of minor illnesses.
    • Treatment and observation of febrile illnesses.
    • Treatment of acute medical conditions such as uncontrolled Diabetes, uncontrolled Hypertension, Asthma exacerbations, etc.

    Instruction to Patients

    • Our aim is to provide prompt, quality and comprehensive patient care without any unnecessary delay in initiation of treatment to patients on admission.
    • Priority will be given to Medical or Surgical emergency.
    • Emergency Department at PCU assesses and treats most emergencies 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. Common emergencies that we treat are Heart Attack, Stroke, Unconsciousness, Shock, Breathing difficulties and Abdominal pain. Medical casualties will be attended everyday where as Surgical casualties will be admitted only on Sundays.
    • However we do not attend to any eye emergencies.
    • Patients with poisoning and snake bite will be admitted to the Toxicology unit bypassing the PCU.
    • Maximum stay at PCU is 24 hours. Hence we do not provide any food or drink.


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