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    Neonatology is a specialty that involve in care of newborn infants (both ill and born prematurely). Specialty of Neonatology practiced at neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and special care baby unit (SBU). The neonates ranging from 24 weeks gestation to term, have complex needs which need highly specialized care.

    Our Neonatology unit is a tertiary care center in the Central Province with a bed strength of twenty five. Six of which are intensive care beds. Four are high dependency beds, fifteen being special baby care cots. We provide intensive care for new born across the country from Central, North Central, Uva and Sabaragamuwa Provinces supporting sick full term and premature babies.

    The unit set in modern environment, with the latest in high tech equipment for treatment and monitoring.There are facilities to provide invasive and noninvasive ventilation with advanced respiratory care.

    Lactation management center has well trained and experienced nurses where they always encourage breast feeds and supports preterm mothers for feeds their babies with breast milk. We were able to achieve  zero prevalence of Necrotizing Entero Colitis (NEC) during last few years.

    We maintain very good standards in health indices in terms of neonatal mortality and survival rates. Our current admission rate is more than 1000 babies per year. 2012 neonatal mortality rate was 4.2 per 1000 live births. As of year 2012 survival rates For infants born at 24 to 26 weeks was 80% 26 to 28 weeks 90% and 28 to 30 weeks 100%. Many high risk mothers are transferred to our high dependency unit. Nearly 20% of babies born here are to high risk mothers and 7.5% are premature.

    Our services

    • Lactation Services

    Lactation management center provides counseling and support that need to breast feed your baby including expecting mothers. Services includes training for breast feeding techniques, addressing concerns and helping with breastfeeding challengers.

    You can contact Lactation Management Center through 081238001- ext. 275

    • Mother baby unit

    Comprises eight beds with the facilities for rooming in. Babies who needs to be under observation or treatment but can be cared by the mothers are kept in .Homely environment in the mother baby unit is such that mothers can be relaxed without the feeling of that they are in the hospital.

    • Kangaroo care unit

    Preterm and very low birth weight (VLBW) babies who are stable kept in this unit. Thermo protection necessary for these babies are given by keeping babies in the kangaroo position. All the preterm babies after being cared in the NICU are handed over to the kangaroo room where mothers gain confidence in managing their babies at home. Well trained nurses are always helping these mothers in breast feeding and supporting in kangaroo care.

    • Follow-up Care

    Following treatment in the neonatal intensive care units (NICU), premature and new born infants receive developmental evaluations and interventions and ongoing care follow-up neonatal clinic


    Clinic details

    First floor (OPD building) – Clinic room No. 35 A
    Telephone 0812388001 (Ext) 242
    Premature Baby Clinics Thursday 01.00 pm – 04.00 pm Dr. (Mrs) Sandya Bandara
    Friday 01.00 pm – 04.00 pm


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