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    Medical Toxicology is a science that focus on the diagnosis, management and prevention of adverse effects due to medication, toxins (environmental & occupational) and biological agents on living organisms especially the human beings.

    Toxicology unit of the hospital is the only unit in the country with a fully equipped with 3 bedded ICU with 40 bedded ward (Male & Female). Our team comprises of Consultant Physician, 8 Medical officers, 16 caring nursing officers and 10 supportive staff.

    The unit has been involved in managing medical emergencies, managing patients with drug overdoses, pesticide/chemical and plant poisoning. This unit functions as the premier center in the country for management, research and as well as an information center on snake/insect bites and poison (pesticides, chemical, plants) related management in the country.

    Our services :

      • Management and follow-up care of patients with drug (prescription & illegal) overdoses, pesticide, hydrocarbon, chemical, plant poisoning (accidental and deliberate), snake bite and insect bites


      • Attending to emergencies with drug overdoses, pesticide poisoning, anaphylaxis, snake and insects bites and cardio-respiratory arrests


      • Providing Intensive care treatment to such critical patients


      • Functioning as a 24 x 7 information center, regarding poison ingestion and snake/insect bites with regard to its management in the country.


      • Facilitating follow up care between the psychiatric unit at Teaching Hospital , Peradeniya


      • Conducting undergraduate training on a regular basis to University students of the faculty of Medicine of University of Peradeniya.


    • Conducting research with the collaboration of SACTRC (South Asian clinical toxicology research collaborative)

    Instruction public

    • Pesticide poisoning
      • Pesticides (including mosquito coils, Run-Rat cubes etc), chemicals, hydrocarbons, prescription medication should be kept out of reach of children and depressed persons, at all times.


      • People should be encourage to avoid using pesticides , chemicals in normal house hold bottles and utensils which very often give rise to accidental ingestion


      • Accidental poisoning could be avoided/minimized by using protective gear at the work site (e.g.: mask, boots and separate clothing) and such methods should be encouraged among the farmers.


      • Pesticides should be kept away from the house (such as buried in the field in a secure place/ or under lock) and away from the reach of children or potential depressed persons.


      • Forced emesis is contraindicated.


      • Gastric decontamination such as Activated charcoal or gastric lavage should be given only with the first 1-2 hours following ingestion.


      • Contaminated clothing should be removed and contaminated skin should be washed at the earliest.


    • Drowsy patients should be intubated prior to gastric decontamination to prevent aspiration. Such intubated patients transferred from peripheral hospitals would have a better prognosis.
    • Snake bites
    • Should never use a tourniquet in the extremities
    • Should wash the site as early as possible
    • Immobilize the limb/person till reached the hospital
    • Never seek local / ayurvedic treatment
    • Specimen or the features would help in the management of the snake bite
    • Specimen or the features would help in the management of the snake bite
    • Patients should be encouraged to reach the government hospital at the earliest. AVS should be started as soon as possible which will eventually give a good prognosis.
    • Hydro carbons(petrol/kerosene oil), corrosives ( acids, alkaline) ingestion:
    • Gastric decontamination isn?t recommended
    • Forced emesis is contraindicated
    • All patients who have self-ingested pesticides, chemical, plant toxins and with drug overdoses should be referred for psychiatric assessment following completion of treatment for toxicity.


    Clinic details

    First floor (OPD building) – Clinic room No. 1
    Telephone 0812388001 (Ext) 239
    Toxicology Friday 02.00 pm ? 04.00 pm Dr. Kamal Nasar


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