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    Teaching hospital Peradeniya was established in 1980 with the assistance of the Japan. Thereafter hospital is financed by the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka and it provides all most all the services free of charge for the people.

    We receive many patients, including children with severe and chronic illnesses every day. These patients have been given the hope of cure and brighter future; but so many patients still need help.

    We welcome your generous support to deliver life changing medical care on these patients.

    No matter how large or small, every donation for hospitals will make a difference in the life of patients.

    There are many ways to give;

    • You can make a General donation (to hospital development committee) which will be utilized for patient’s welfare.
    • You also can make a donation to support a specific endeavor like purchase of new equipment, technology enhancement (eHealth project) or facility renovation.


    Way to give

    General Donation

    You can donate directly to the hospital development committee of Teaching Hospital Peradeniya. If you wish to donate, please deposit money to the Hospital Development Committee account.

    Account details are,

    Account no. C/A 1274524

    Bank :Bank of Ceylon, Peradeniya Branch

    NB: after you deposit money, please send us a copy of the deposit receipt.

    Donate to a specific purpose

    You can obtain information from the Director or the Deputy Director of the hospital

    Telephone: +94812388001 (Director Ext. 200; Deputy Director Ext. 201 )
    Email : info@paradeniya-hospital.health.gov.lk
    Address: Teaching Hospital Peradeniya, Peradeniya


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